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My sole purpose is to help you find more freedom, fulfilment and fortune in your life.

From health, wealth & business to personal challenge, I want you to be better tomorrow than you were today.

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Every year I commit to challenges and adventures worth speaking about. Learn more here.

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Discover lifestyle & productivity tips that get the right things done so I can do other things I love.


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Running Documentary: Journey to the Arctic Circle

Running Documentary: Journey to the Arctic Circle

The Journey to the Arctic Circle running documentary is a short review of my turbulent preparation for the 2020 Ice Ultramarathon with race organisers Beyond The Ultimate. Plagued with injuries and hindered by fitness worries, I embarked on a 230km self-sufficient...

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PERSONAL: This Too Will Pass…

PERSONAL: This Too Will Pass…

COVID-19: This Too Will Pass... A video diary from the 27th March 2020... (Inspired by Peter Mckinnon's 'We Will Get Through This'.) In March 2020, Covid-19... a deadly strain of the Coronavirus, not only ripped through TEAM Bootcamp, but also the lives of pretty much...

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I Launched a Food & Fitness Daily Podcast…

I Launched a Food & Fitness Daily Podcast…

TEAM Bootcamp is 'bread & butter' business and in 2020 I committed to releasing at least 1 Conquer Food Show episode every week... Then we all got punched in the face by the Covid-9! At that point, we knew people would need extreme weight loss, nutrition and...

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Private Invite: Coffee With Craig

Private Invite: Coffee With Craig

Dear Coach, Trainer or Small Business Owner... A lot has changed in our world in the last few weeks. We have gone from having very little to fear, to fearing everything from viruses to a shortage in toilet paper. I feel obligated to be as helpful as possible in times...

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TRAILER: The 2020 BTU Ice Ultra

TRAILER: The 2020 BTU Ice Ultra

I've heard ton's of self-help guru's spout the advice - "Follow your passion... Do what you love... Make your passion your life's work!' and that advice sounds great at first. Comments like these have really made things hard for me though. I'm a bit of Swiss Army...

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