COVID-19: This Too Will Pass… A video diary from the 27th March 2020… (Inspired by Peter Mckinnon’s ‘We Will Get Through This’.)

In March 2020, Covid-19… a deadly strain of the Coronavirus, not only ripped through TEAM Bootcamp, but also the lives of pretty much everybody in the world. As the world locked down to prevent further spread of the disease, I decided that every Friday was for me. To keep me sane…

Making short adventure films and running vlogs is the only thing I do where time stands still.

I know I’m not great, but I’m getting better and I enjoy it. Worth more than though, is this short film brought a tear of joy to my wife’s eyes. That’s priceless and that’s enough for me.

Stay safe… See you in the next video ANNNND on the other side of this outbreak. I hope you enjoy This Too Will Pass… and I hope, right now more than any other time, it helps.