The Journey to the Arctic Circle running documentary is a short review of my turbulent preparation for the 2020 Ice Ultramarathon with race organisers Beyond The Ultimate. Plagued with injuries and hindered by fitness worries, I embarked on a 230km self-sufficient journey to the Arctic Circle. Little did I know just how well this race would turn out, but more importantly… I also found my passion in the process.

I hope you enjoy it.

Creating the film itself was a challenge as I had very limited original footage from the race and had to rely on a lot of stock footage. I was set to film much of the talking head parts in March during a ski tour in Sweden. Due to Covid-19, it didn’t happen… so I had to improvise.

Asan amateur filmmaker it was a challenge, but it’s all about deliberate practise right!

Thank you for watching and thank you to everyone that I have run with, that has supported my crazy ideas or that encourage me to keep going.


Ps… Have a great day… because great days make great lives.

  • Credit Mikkel Beisner for the still images
  • Additional phone footage by Lee Quinn

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