Imagine having to run 38 miles in order to win a 15-mile medal.

That sounds crazy, but that’s exactly what my friend Graham and I set out to do on Friday the 13th of November. Check it out.

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— Transcript —

You runners will know this all too well.

The anticipation and nervousness of race day. 

The feeling of impending doom, knowing that in just a few hours, your body will be riddled with pain and exhaustion.

I laughed the other day when I heard a great quote about running… 

Life is short… Running makes it seem longer…

…By god, that’s true sometimes!

The number of times I have sworn to myself that I will never ever run again. The last time was deep in the Amazon jungle running a distance that the average person would think twice about driving. 

So why do we do it? 

I don’t think there is one single answer. In the past I have run for my own safety, to clear my head and for my own sanity. 

But today… I’m running to support my friend. 

Graham is relatively new to running.

He started 18 months ago in an effort to lose weight and get healthy. 

Mentally he was struggling too. 

He originally asked me to run within an attempt called Escape From Meriden. 

A 24-hour prison break themed race with no finish line. You start from the centre of England and run as far as you can until you run out of energy or time.

Covid put paid to that event, but the sadistic race director from Beyond The Marathon cooked up another belter. 

Day Release… 

3 Main rules:

  • As far out and back as you can in 24 hours on foot.
  • The distance will be measured as the crow flies with medals for 15, 30 and 45 milestones.
  • Must start at or very near to your home.

Grahams goal was 15 miles as the crow flies… but in order to achieve that, we will need to run in excess of 38 miles.

12 miles further than Graham had ever run before. 

 oh… and two weeks ago… I was flat packed with covid.

Join us in this short film of Day Release 2020.