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How Does A Dead Broke Sufferer Of PTSD Create Multiple 6 Figure Businesses With The Same Time, Money and Resources That You Have Right Now?

Dear Small Business Owner,

My name is Craig Williams and I launched my first business in 2010 and I failed! It hurts me to say that now but, to be honest it was the start of a huge learning experience and it also shows that needing help and making mistakes are perfectly normal. In fact, I believe that it's the very best way to learn.

I launched my first business in 2010 and I failed! It hurts me to say that now - Craig

So What Happened Next?

Later that year I started a small personal training business from the back of a van where I was living. I was broke but worse than that I was suffering from paralysing bouts of depression and overwhelm following my service in the Royal Marines. I soon realised that it did not matter how good or valuable my product or service was it meant ‘jack’ if nobody could find it or new about it!!!

Searching For The Answer

At that point, I made a decision to find the answer… If other people can have a successful business then so could I. I began a quest to learn from the most successful entrepreneurs in history. I read every book, listened to every podcast, scoured YouTube for videos and spoke to as many successful business owners I could…

Eventually, I Cracked It

I say cracked it… actually, I continue to learn every day and believe I really am just getting started. I learnt that marketing was the answer. Marketing is everything and everything boiled down to marketing. I started to learn practice, test and revise every marketing tip and trick I could find for small business marketing and my business, happiness, fulfilment and revenue soared.

I used the newfound income to pay for counselling and the surplus helped grow my business further.

And Now

So now, along with my business partners, I have a number of thriving enterprises with plans for more to follow and yeah needs planning, marketing and executing with all the tips, tricks and techniques I have picked up along my journey.

I have created a crack team of specialists that tackle every aspect of marketing from SEO to Google and Facebook adverts and pretty much everything in between.

Available To You

Great news - Me and the whole team are available to help you plan, create and manage powerful marketing strategies to help you create more freedom, happiness and income in your business.

Bad news: We cannot and WILL NOT help everyone. We have strict criteria and you must fit the bill:

  • Small business having been trading for up to 3 years
  • A start-up with an idea that will create value for others or an industry transforming business
  • A marketing budget - doesn’t matter how big or how small, but you must be willing to commit a percentage to get maximum results.

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PAYING :: When it comes to business and marketing there is one simple truth. You will either pay now for shortcuts, proven techniques or systems or you will pay in time, money and frustration learning them yourself.