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Craig Williams - Thinker, Soldier, Failure & Now on a High!
The Royal Marines is famed as the toughest basic training in the Western world. A challenge of that magnitude creates a deep-rooted and unshakeable pride in a marines status and accomplishments. A young marines life can be mapped out, a guaranteed income for him and his family for the next 22 years, housing and a sense that you are making a difference in the world.

Imagine then... waking up and everything had gone!

Craig Williams is a decorated former Royal Marines Sergeant who received commendations on 3 occasions for his service but despite a remarkable career of rapid promotion would be faced with an even bigger challenge. During a dark period of poor judgement, Craig lost it all.

It wasn't just his future that hung in the balance but whether he took his life or not.

Join Craig through the ups and downs of his journey from elite soldier to homeless, penniless, jobless and hopeless convicted criminal to thought-leading motivational coach, author and 7 figure entrepreneur.


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Craig is a multiple author, speaker, entrepreneurial coach & television consultant. Craig is an inspiring coach & presenter with a broad range of incredible past experiences and challenges to call upon. He received three commendations for bravery and leadership leading teams of elite snipers and soldiers in high-stress environments during operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Balkans and Central Africa. Highly efficient & strategic, Craig has a proven track record in SME growth & business leadership and is considered a market leader and industry transformer in the health, fitness & wellness arena.

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