If only we all had a little more Motivation?

The majority of clients I speak to wish they had more motivation & determination, what about you?

In this recent podcast on the Conquer Food Show, I present the 4 main lifestyle factors that could be blocking your motivation. Discover the 4 D’s Blocking Your Motivation & My Framework For Removing Them. They include:

  • ❌Dopamine Blocks
  • ❌Digestive Blocks
  • ❌Driver Blocks
  • ❌Distraction Blocks

I also give you a 5 step framework for clearing them. I’ll tell you now it’s not immediate, but you can clear them in just a few days… a week at most. Listen to the podcast now and you can find the framework below.

The four blocks are:

Dopamine Blocks.

Dopamine is our pleasure hormone strongly associated with addictions because it is our mental reward for achieving something.

Today we are bombarded with easy hits of dopamine through technology and food.

No wonder we would rather sit and eat then bash out a few miles in crap weather. Easy to access instant pleasure is blocking our motivation to earn dopamine.

Digestion Blocks

So you’ve experienced this Christmas day or any day of significant celebration centred around food. Mother’s day of a mother’s day meal, loads of food at weddings where you just overindulge and you are just like flat-packed with no energy. Your body is caught up in digesting all this food and has a reduced capacity to gt moving or do something else.

When you do a period of fasting, your body gets a massive break from having to digest food and that use of calories can be projected into different functions of the body, primarily healing. You feel more energised and charged.

Drive Blocks

A lot of people are almost passive in life going through the motions with no goals. No passion that causes them to leap out of bed each day.
If you are not driven to have a better body image, to be fitter, to win the next race or to complete the next challenge you are missing drive.

Distraction Blocks

Distractions are like shiny objects that pull our attention from what we want to do.
There are distractions everywhere from. Phone, constantly bleeping and ring in emails dropping in all the time. Distractions are everywhere. Even your family members in some way.

These tractions will block you from doing what you fundamentally want to do.

The F.I.R.S.T. Framework for removing motivation blocks.

How do we deal with these blocks? Well, I’ve come up with a framework called the First framework:

F – Fast.

Take a fast from technology and food to give yourself a break. It will allow your body time to recalibrate the dopamine, realign your taste buds and time to heal, rest and re-energise.
Give yourself a digital detox for a week, two weeks, maybe even a few days to start with.
Food-wise, you can start with two or three days.

I’d be keen to hear what you decided to cut out to start reclaiming your control over dopamine?

I – Identify Your Why.

Try a mental audit of your thoughts and where you want to be and start creating a bright future.

R – Remove distractions.

Get rid of the clutter in your home life. Establish a routine. Speak to your family if they are a distraction and pull your attention from your training or food.

S – Stick to the routine.

Remember, the first week of any diet or training regime is easy. The second week is a bit of a struggle. The third week you’ve usually given up, right?
Sticking to the routine is imperative because it’s what we do consecutively and consistently that creates our results.

T – Tackle the big hitters first.

Focus on the big obvious issues first to have the most significant impact on your motivation.