Dear Coach, Trainer or Small Business Owner…

A lot has changed in our world in the last few weeks. We have gone from having very little to fear, to fearing everything from viruses to a shortage in toilet paper.

I feel obligated to be as helpful as possible in times like this, but I have been struggling with how I can help.

One small thing I have come up with is my Coaches & Trainers Mastermind Group.

Effective immediately, I will be launching my ‘Coffee With Craig‘ Daily Motivations to anyone who wants access, 100% free, from now until things get back to normal. At least March 31st.

This isn’t a free trial, there are no upsells or upgrade offers or any of that. I just truly believe that right now is the time to help in whatever way I can and this is one way I know I can do that for anyone with a small coaching or training business.

For what it’s worth, I know it isn’t much.

I know that a daily email/Facebook post about business or productivity can’t heal the sick, or recover lost work.

But if you are worried about your coaching or training career it might help improve your prospects now …and when normalcy returns.

If you are worried about your sales it might help you grow when the leads start coming in again.

At the very least it might give you a break from the doom and gloom on the news and social media for a few minutes every day.

So whatever your reason, I hope you will join and I will get a chance to talk to you every day.

Here’s the link – Request Access Here