The Golden Hour

Join Craig as he describes his demise from a decorated elite soldier to homeless, penniless and jobless. 

This inspiring talk outlines the reality that we all just 1 or 2 misguided decisions from losing everything and falling on desperate times.

If a wounded soldier receives medical assistance within 60 minutes their chances of living are drammatically increased. Known as ‘The Golden Hour’ I want to spend just 60 minutes describing my fall from elite soldier to homeless and penniless. If I can get just ONE service man or women to stop and think… recognise the problem areas in thier own lives it will be worth every second.

Join Craig for a step by step account of his journey down into the depths of tormented mental state and his transition from the prison system and his meteoric rise to business leader, coach, author and motivational speaker.

Check the Golden Hour page for event dates & locations or message now to request a talk.

Ideal for:

  • Military Units / Charities
  • Corporate Development
  • After Dinner / Motivational Speeches
  • Groups / Clubs
  • Schools / Colleges / Universities


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